Jan Jarboe Russell


The Worst Hard Time

My hometown of Cleveland has become the most disgraced community in America because of a brutal, unspeakable crime that has set everyone against one another.

No Retreat! No Surrender!

Besieged on all sides, will the Daughters of the Republic of Texas finally lose control of the Alamo? Not if they can help it.

Alamo Heights

One year into his first term as mayor of San Antonio, Julián Castro is emerging as perhaps the most prominent young Hispanic politician in Texas. Get ready to get used to him.

The Good Wife

Mary Alice Cisneros loved, honored, and cherished Henry’s political career. Now it’s her turn.

The Equity Myth

What happened—and didn’t—when we “fixed” school finance the last time.

The Good Rats

Cancer used to be something you died from. Now, thanks to clinical trials, it’s increasingly something you live with.

Grand Opportunity Party

The Republicans have made real inroads into winning over Hispanic voters. If that doesn’t freak out the Democrats, I don’t know what will.

The Old Gray Mayor

San Antonio politics, it ain’t what it used to be—which is why it could be time for a grown-up at city hall.

Into The Woods

My parents and I had a generation gap. My kids and I
have a geographic gap, as I learned when I took my son
to my hometown of Cleveland.

Viva la Diferencia

A Harvard know-it-all predicts that the emerging Hispanic majority will be a drag on America. Tell it to your friends in Cambridge, bub.

Take Two Tablets

Should a monument featuring the Ten Commandments be allowed to remain on the grounds of the Texas Capitol? A homeless former defense lawyer says no.

The Last Maverick

With the passing of Maury Maverick, Jr., Texas
liberals—real ones, not watered-down
versions—are nearing extinction.

Bless This House

Haven’t we settled the prayer-in-politics debate and turned our attention to more important things, like the budget shortfall? Apparently not.

Texas Women

They shouldn’t be messed with. But you knew that already.

Jung at Heart

When I could no longer tolerate the religious fundamentalism of my childhood, I turned to the teachings of a Swiss psychiatrist—and rejuvenated my spiritual life.