Jan Jarboe Russell


The Week of the Virgin

A doll-like statue of sugar-cane fiber and clay came to San Antonio from a village in Mexico. Twenty-four hours a day, residents of the West Side visited Our Lady of San Juan de los Lagos.

Calling His Own Tune

On San Antonio’s Riverwalk the Jim Cullum Jazz Band plays jazz the way it was meant to be played.

Texas Monthly Reporter

Life after TECAT in North Forest; Joe Rinelli gives his beauties a shot at the crow; Kerrville residents have a winter’s worth of tall tales.

The Book Stops Here

For 68 years, Rosengren’s Books in San Antonio gave personal service, sought out both arcane and popular titles, and fostered a love of reading. It wasn’t enough to keep the store in business.

It Had To Be You

Thanks to the sacrifice of two strangers, we have the child we’ve always dreamed of.

God and Me

How five Texas keep their faith.

What Does H.E.B. Stand For, Anyway?

As the president of Texas’ largest private grocery chain, Charles Butt learned that in order to be nice to his customers he has to be tough on his competitors. And vice versa.

The Wait for Deliverance

Despite all the mewling from the oil patch, there are still ways to make money at $15 a barrel. Here’s out guide to the terrible teens.

No Wonderland

Once an oil-field service boomtown, Alice doesn’t live well anymore.

It Stinks

Times are rotten for refineries.

Killer Whale Hooks City!

San Antonio is shameless over Shamu and Sea World.

Full of Woe

You see them on TV, adorable youngsters asking to be adopted, But the dreadful odyssey of the Wednesday’s Child rarely has a made-for-television happy ending.

Can You Take a Hint?

Heloise, America’s best-known homemaker, has dirty little secret: she hates to clean house. If you hate it too, she’s convinced that you need her more than ever.

The Battle of the Bubbles

One man’s obsession with kicking Perrier in the derriere.

Cool, Clear Water

A drop-by-drop analysis of the major brands of Texas designer water.