Jason Cohen

Senior editor Jason Cohen has written for Texas Monthly since 1995 (and texasmonthly.com since its very first iteration). His 1997 story “The Ice Bats Cometh,” about minor league hockey in Texas, was the basis of his book Zamboni Rodeo (Greystone Press, 2001). He also penned the magazine's first-ever Matthew McConaughey story, in August 1996. The co-author of Generation Ecch! (Fireside Books, 1994) and co-editor of SXSW Scrapbook (Essex/University of Texas Press, 2011), he has also written for such publications as Rolling Stone, SPIN, Details, the Austin Chronicle, the Austin American-Statesman, Portland Monthly, and Cincinnati magazine. His 1995 Rolling Stone cover story on the band Hole prompted Courtney Love to yell at him from the stage at Lollapalooza in Austin, while his 2007 profile of the Portland strip club Mary's won a Sex-Positive Journalism Award. As one of the two primary writers for the TM Daily Post, Cohen wrote approximately 500 stories for Texas Monthly in 2012. He has been a blogger since 2002 and been known to maintain as many as five Twitter accounts.


Yes, Texas Traffic Really is That Bad

Which rush hour thoroughfares in Dallas, Houston, and Austin cracked the upper reaches of the Daily Beast's third annual "Highways From Hell" survey?

How to Speak Spanish and Get Free Pizza

The Dallas-based Pizza Patrón chain has received criticism for its June 5 promotion giving a free pizza to anyone who orders in Spanish. But how hard is that, really? 

Five Things to Know About the Senate Runoff

In the battle to replace Kay Bailey Hutchison, David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz will go right at each other—emphasis on "right"on July 31. 

Will the Senator’s Race Finally End Today?

The Republican race between David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz for the U.S. Senate seat headlines Texas's delayed primary elections, but this political story will likely continue.

Buzz Bissinger & "Coach Taylor" Banter in Austin

Actor Kyle Chandler was among the fans at the BookPeople, where Friday Night Lights author H.G. "Buzz" Bissinger read from his new book Father's Day. 

Alzheimer’s Patient Bites Nurse Aide. Aide Bites Back.

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, an Abilene nursing home aide claimed "her teeth hit the resident as she raised her head and tried to stand up."

Matthew McConaughey to Play JFK

The Internet's atwitter over the bongo-playing, oft-shirtless actor portraying the solemn JFK. But if Greg Kinnear can do it, why can't McConaughey?  

Bringing Brisket to New York the Right Way

Daniel Delaney, a Brooklyn-based blogger who professes a deep and profound respect for Texas barbecue, bought a 200-pound smoker and a truckload's worth of Texas post oak to start Brisket Lab in his home state. 

Eight-Year-Old Nails Unassisted Triple Play

Jaxson Havard of Huntington single-handedly pulled off one of the rarest plays in baseball. 

Fightin' Words: Progress Texas vs. TPPF Over Virtual Schools

Wonks ahoy! Are virtual schools good for a students? Conflicting reports, one fromt he influential conservative think tank the Texas Public Policy Foudnation, and a reply from Progress Texas. 

Flaco Jimenez and Brother Santiago Reunited

The two brothers, legendary conjunto players with completely different styles who had not shared a stage since 1982, played at San Antonio's Tejanjo Conjunto Festival over the weekend.

LBJ School “Mortified” Over “Pubic Affairs” Typo

Due to a proofreading error, the program for Saturday's commencement ceremony at UT's Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs left out a crucial "L.”

Lance Wins!

In just his fourth race on the triathlon circuit, Lance Armstrong is a champion once again, winning the Ironman 70.3 in Haines City, Florida.

Judge Wanted to Posthumously Exonerate Cameron Todd Willingham

Former state district judge Charlie Baird shares the 18-page exoneration order that he never got to issue with The Huffington Post.  

‘Sports Illustrated’ Profiles Tim Duncan

The story proclaims the San Antonio Spurs star to be "the greatest, least appreciated player of his generation."