Jason Cohen

Senior editor Jason Cohen has written for Texas Monthly since 1995 (and texasmonthly.com since its very first iteration). His 1997 story “The Ice Bats Cometh,” about minor league hockey in Texas, was the basis of his book Zamboni Rodeo (Greystone Press, 2001). He also penned the magazine’s first-ever Matthew McConaughey story, in August 1996. The co-author of Generation Ecch! (Fireside Books, 1994) and co-editor of SXSW Scrapbook (Essex/University of Texas Press, 2011), he has also written for such publications as Rolling Stone, SPIN, Details, the Austin Chronicle, the Austin American-Statesman, Portland Monthly, and Cincinnati magazine. His 1995 Rolling Stone cover story on the band Hole prompted Courtney Love to yell at him from the stage at Lollapalooza in Austin, while his 2007 profile of the Portland strip club Mary’s won a Sex-Positive Journalism Award. As one of the two primary writers for the TM Daily Post, Cohen wrote approximately 500 stories for Texas Monthly in 2012. He has been a blogger since 2002 and been known to maintain as many as five Twitter accounts.


Win the Weekend: How Many TCU Players Failed Their Drug Tests?

Plus, Josh Hamilton’s first interview since his relapse, El Paso’s Komen Race, and George H.W. Bush’s hosiery.

Two “Top Chef Finalists” Are Texans

The show moves to British Columbia, but takes a bit of Texas with it as Austin’s Paul Qui of Uchiko and Houston native Sarah Grueneberg advance to next week’s final.

Conservative Radio Host Accused of Hit-and-Run Outside Gay Bar

Did Michael Berry, a Houston radio host and former city councilman, leave the scene of minor accident because he didn’t want it known that he was at a gay bar?

5 Things to Know About the TCU Drug Bust

Fifteen TCU students, including four members of Gary Patterson’s Horned Frogs football team, were among eighteen people arrested on drug dealing charges.

Houston Aeros Player Tweets Gay Slur

Justin Fontaine is sitting out two games as punishment for using the word “faggot” in a tweet, and Aeros captain Jon DiSalvatore is also under fire for retweeting him.

Videos Starring Cross-dressing Flight Attendant Blasting American Go Viral

Several YouTube videos posted by American Airlines employee Gailen David have gone viral, angering top brass at the struggling company. 

What Town Will Run Out of Water Next?

Spicewood Beach needs water trucked in every couple of hours, the recent rains haven’t made an impact, and it’s been “the poorest year” for the state’s cotton farmers. 

Walker, Texas Ranger Explains Himself

Chuck Norris Fact: Rick Santorum is too much like Mitt Romney to be an alternative to Romney. Or so the actor proclaims in a column defending his endorsement of Newt Gingrich.

Rand Paul Talks Ron Paul

In a Q&A with the Atlantic, Kentucky senator Rand Paul handicaps his father’s presidential campaign and its larger impact on the Republican Party.

Railroad Commissioner Reluctantly Resigns

Elizabeth Ames Jones is running for a San Antonio senate seat, but must live in the “capital of the State” to stay Railroad Commissioner. People laughed when she questioned the phrase, but does she have a point about its modern definition?

New York Takes the Goods from Texas. Again.

Before “Linsanity” hit, the New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin played for the Houston Rockets for fifteen days. But does the team regret cutting basketball’s latest sensation?

SEC to Aggie Band and Other Students: Seat’s Taken

Texas A&M’s new conference bans students from sitting behind the visiting team’s bench.

VIDEO: Willie’s Coldplay Cover for Chipotle Steals the Grammy Broadcast

First released on YouTube over the summer, a Chipotle ad featuring Willie Nelson’s version of “The Scientist” was one of the better performances of the night. 

Dallas ISD “Red Tails” Field Trip: $57,000 and No Girls Allowed

The school district paid for fifth-grade boys to go see the movie about the Tuskegee Airmen as part of Black History Month curriculum.  

Win the Weekend: What Texas is Talking About

A mountain lion attack in Big Bend, Lance Armstrong speaks, the latest on redistricting, and the New York Times’s “Frugal Traveler” makes his way through Texas.