Jason Cohen

Senior editor Jason Cohen has written for Texas Monthly since 1995 (and texasmonthly.com since its very first iteration). His 1997 story “The Ice Bats Cometh,” about minor league hockey in Texas, was the basis of his book Zamboni Rodeo (Greystone Press, 2001). He also penned the magazine's first-ever Matthew McConaughey story, in August 1996. The co-author of Generation Ecch! (Fireside Books, 1994) and co-editor of SXSW Scrapbook (Essex/University of Texas Press, 2011), he has also written for such publications as Rolling Stone, SPIN, Details, the Austin Chronicle, the Austin American-Statesman, Portland Monthly, and Cincinnati magazine. His 1995 Rolling Stone cover story on the band Hole prompted Courtney Love to yell at him from the stage at Lollapalooza in Austin, while his 2007 profile of the Portland strip club Mary's won a Sex-Positive Journalism Award. As one of the two primary writers for the TM Daily Post, Cohen wrote approximately 500 stories for Texas Monthly in 2012. He has been a blogger since 2002 and been known to maintain as many as five Twitter accounts.


The Aggie Butterfly Effect: What if A&M Had Stayed?

Does Texas A&M’s Cotton Bowl dominance of Oklahoma mean the Aggies would have had an even better season had they stayed in the Big 12? No. 

Dallas Cowboys’ Twitter Smack Backfires

 Scoreboard! @DallasStars won Twitter Tuesday with their response to @DallasCowboys accidental smack-tweet, which also dissed the Rangers. 

10 Hilariously Incorrect Predictions About Texas A&M

Anybody (including many Aggies) who said they expected Texas A&M's first season in the Southeastern Conference to go so well is lying. But it's still funny to look back at all the naysayers. 

Breaking: Johnny Football is a College Student

A&M QB Johnny Manziel has a little fun post-Cotton Bowl, to the delight of TMZ, and the distress of some prigs in the media.

Bearkats Fall in Frisco

The University of Texas is still the state's last college football team to win a national championship, as Sam Houston State loses the FCS title to North Dakota State for the second straight year. 

Are the Houston Texans a “Tomato Can?”

Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy says the New England Patriots, which hosts Houston on Sunday, is “the first team in NFL history to get back-to-back byes before advancing to the conference championship game.”

Our Question For UT Fans: Aggies or Sooners?

Friday's Cotton Bowl gives Longhorns fans a chance to decide which team they hate more: the University of Oklahoma, or Texas A&M. 

VIDEO: That Time There Was a One-Point Safety in a UT-A&M Game

How rare was last night's one-point safety by Oregon against Kansas State? It's only happened once before in NCAA history: when UT did it against A&M eight years ago. 

Six Thoughts About the Cotton Bowl

Kansas St. and Oregon who? Arlington's the center of our college football universe, as Texas A&M plays Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl on Friday. 

Ranking the Texas Bowl Games So Far

Teams from Texasall former members of the Southwest Conference—went 5-1 in the pre-New Year's college football bowls. 

Are the Houston Texans Doomed?

The Texans' month-long dive from top team in the AFC to number three seed with no bye week has fans and sports scribes talking like the franchise didn't even make the playoffs. 

People We’ll Miss

Big Tex will be back. Sadly, we cannot the say same of Larry Hagman, Darrell Royal, Amarillo Slim, Leslie, and the many other Texans we lost in 2012. 

Santa Claus Busted at Sierra Blanca

Or so says the new Christmas song by singer-songwriter Kevin Fowler, who talks about his new holiday track, "Santa Got Busted by the Border Patrol."

The Five Most Memorable Sports Stories of 2012

Guess what's number one (hint: look at the picture).

It’s Spelled Y’all, Y’all.

If there’s one thing Texans love more than saying y’all, it’s a good argument. Texas Monthly readers react to the Department of Criminal Justice’s use of “ya’ll” instead of “y’all.”