Jeannie Ralston


Paris, Texas

Madeline at Neiman Marcus, the Capitol, the Alamo: A classic children’s heroine comes to the Lone Star State—and a bookstore near you.

Natal Attraction

After nearly sixty years of collecting information on multiple births, Helen Kirk of Galveston has an obsession of umbilical proportions.

Rock Star

Bob Ragan’s nationally renowned, intricately detailed stone carvings have a distinctly European look. Is it any wonder he lives in a place called Florence?

The Big Chill-Out

Feeling stressed? Soothe the strain of the daily grind at these terrific Texas retreats.

Swami Dearest

In the Hill Country, what was once the hallowed ranch of Walter Prescott Webb is now the sacred site of a mammoth new Hindu temple—and the home of a controversial ashram called Barsana Dham.

Rah! Power

All for Texas cheerleading, stand up, sit down, and read, read on.