Jeff McCord


Independent's Day

With the record business in the doldrums, what’s a talented, ambitious band to do? If you’re Austin’s Grupo Fantasma, you make it on your own.

Who's Next?

San Antonio’s Marshevet Hooker is not just any old high school sprinter; she’s an Olympic gold medalist in the making. Meet her and nine other women we’re betting will lead the new Texas—and the world.

The State of Illinois

At eighty, most of us would be off our feet, not out on stage. But Illinois Jacquet, the great Texas tenor, keeps blowing his sax—and tooting his own horn.

The Thirty-Year Itch

After pursuing solo careers, the members of the Flatlanders have reunited and released the long-anticipated CD Now Again. Was it worth the wait?

All Grown Up

Twenty years ago the Butthole Surfers—those unspeakably named punk rockers—first turned up their amps in San Antonio. What keeps them going? Chalk it up to, er, clean living.

Change of Pace

Jeff McCord on Lucinda Williams

The Collector

Being a corporate lawyer pays Dean Blackwood’s bills, but running an obscure record label keeps him in tune with his true passion.