Jeff Salamon

Jeff Salamon is a senior editor at Texas Monthly and previously served as an editor at the Village Voice and the Austin American-Statesman. His writing has appeared in the New York Times, Rolling Stone, Spin, Details, and Artforum. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and a native of New York City. He lives in Austin with his wife, two children, two dogs, and one cat.


Cover to Cover

If you’re new to the state, there’s a good chance that you snickeringly regard the phrase “Texas literature” as a contradiction in terms. Well, wise up, wise guy: Texans have been writing memorable books about their state for a long time. So if you have some questions about the city you’ve settled in, you’ve got a lot of options.

The Race Is On!

Five Texans who would be president.

The Player

Richardson’s poker pasha says, “Viva Las Vegas.”

Mex Appeal

Ricky Martin? Jennifer Lopez? The real Spanish-language stars of the moment are the Monterrey punk, funk, jazz, and hip-hop duo Plastilina Mosh.

The Rap on Jazz

Is there a place in the genre for hip-hop influences? Houston pianist Jason Moran thinks so.

Paul Wall
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Illegal Immigration (But Didn’t Know Who to Ask)

What’s the deal with the border fence? Are green cards really green? How many undocumented immigrants live in Texas? Any more questions?

Vinnie Paul Abbott

The former Pantera drummer on the twentieth anniversary of Cowboys From Hell and more.

Bun B

On his new album, Trill O.G.; his late partner, Pimp C; and more.

Becoming a Songwriter

Hayes Carll on songwriting.

Los Lonely Boys

On their new album, Rockpango, and more.

Amanda Shires

On her new album, Carrying Lightning, and more.

Kinky ♥ Rick

In 2006, Kinky Friedman thought he’d be the better governor. In 2011, he is ready for a Perry presidency.