Jena Williams


Righting a Wrong

The 24th amendment prohibiting the poll tax on voters has been formally approved by the state of Texas—more than four decades later.

Higher Learning

The Polaris Academy in Houston, a KIPP school, has made significant academic gains in its first two years.

Stripped Down Bill?

The uncertain future of funding sexual assault programs through strip club fees.

Eyewitness News

The Legislature takes up photo and live lineup identification procedures in criminal cases.

Remembering the Fallen

Honoring Texans killed in the line of duty.

In Treatment

Diversionary programs such as drug courts, which provide treatment-based alternatives for non-violent criminals to prisons, remain critically underfunded.

Risk Reduction

Is there a place in Texas for drug needle exchange programs?

Ace of Cakes

Wes Hurt makes people happy—one cupcake at a time.

Shed a Little Light

Buying into energy efficiency, one electric bill at a time.

Making the Grade

Should Texas pay students to learn?

Under the Weather

If UTMB’s trauma center really is slated to reopen, the hospital will have a few questions to answer.

Wrongfully Imprisoned

Reginald Kennard tells of his life without his big brother.

Energy Spike

The environment, green economy, and job creation goes from “eco-chic” to everyman.

Hunger Next Door

A ride along with the Capital Area Food Bank’s mobile food pantry.