Jerry Jeanmard


Creature Comforts

Horns, hooves, and hides for the home.

Little Shop of Hoarders

There’s treasure on Galveston Island; it’s buried in Hendley Market.

Talking Heads

In some Texas establishments it’s hard to tell the boys’ from the girls’.


Look out, Waxahachie! Here come the Protonettes, the Big Bang Motel, and the Phil Gramm Institute.

Honorable Toys

Godzilla lives! Just ask any Texas collector of Japanese action figures.

Hot Pots

How did bluebonnets and cacti get that glazed look?

Shades of Summer

Let there be light, but leave us in the dark. Long before Ozona knew about ozone, Texans were inventing scads of ways to hide from rays.

Don’t Even Ask!

Why is it that your favorite item in every antique store is bound to be the one thing that money can’t buy?

Ode On a Hempstead Urn

That concrete urn you bought by the side of the road is making decorating history.

Dear Mum

Autumn is the time when true school spirit blooms.

Oh, Give Me a Home Where the Naugahyde Roams

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear, when dude ranch décor reigned supreme in the family room.