Jim Atkinson


Welcome To the 03

Why ozone is indeed a menace.

Bleeding Edge

Blood will tell.

The Eyes of Texas

Oh, say, can you see?

Oh, Lardy

Fat versus Fit.

The Doctor Will Mistreat You Now

What to do if your doctor is a quack.

See Spot. See Spot Grow.

Here comes the sun.

Nothing to Sneeze At

Sneeze play.

Relief Pitchers

Pain, pain, go away

Funny, You Don’t Look Fluish

Minister of Health Jim Atkinson cures what ails us.

State of Emergency

As more and more children fall off the health-insurance
rolls, chaos reigns at Children’s Medical Center Dallas,
which used to have the best pediatric ER in Texas, and
the quality of care for everyone suffers.

The Pedophile Next Door

How do you know when a child molester is cured? Are you willing to take his word for it? David Wayne Jones hopes so. Thirteen years ago he was convicted of preying on little boys at the East Dallas YMCA, but he could soon be out of jail and back on the street. Your street.

The Infirmation Age

Many Texans are woefully unprepared for what has become our fastest-growing health care problem: taking care of Mom and Dad.

Brave New 'Burbs

Why Collin County is the new Dallas.

Bad Air Days

Historically, Southeast Texas and cancer have gone together like, well, pollution and disease. I wish I could say things were different today.