Jim Atkinson


Mold Age

Are the toxic fungi that launched a thousand lawsuits really as dangerous as everyone says? Don’t believe the hype.

Who's Next?

San Antonio’s Marshevet Hooker is not just any old high school sprinter; she’s an Olympic gold medalist in the making. Meet her and nine other women we’re betting will lead the new Texas—and the world.

Wrongful Life?

A Houston couple says a hospital is responsible for their daughter’s severe disabilities. Should Texas’ highest court agree, the case will change health care as we know it.

Miracle Workers

The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center is put under the microscope.

Burning Questions

What is the safest way to dispose of a diseased cow carcass—and what does it have to do with the Ames strain of anthrax?

Perilously Plump

Texans love to say that everything’s bigger here, but when it comes to the waistlines in one in four of our largest cities, that’s nothing to brag about.


If you think your flulike symptoms could be anthrax, don’t call your HMO—call your doctor. And other advice the television “experts” should have told you.

Death and Texas

Why does Potter County have the state’s highest mortality rate? Poverty is only one answer.

My Grief, and Ours

When I lost my father to cancer this summer, the greatest comfort I found was in understanding how to grieve. That came in handy on September 11.


More than a decade ago I wrote about the virtues of the drinking life and the comforts of what I called a “bar bar.” Then I hit rock bottom. It’s been eight years now since I took my last drink—and I’m finally ready to tell the rest of the story.

Battle Plan

A Dallas epidemiologist has made it his
mission to learn the truth about Gulf War
Syndrome, even if he has to fight the government.

Killer Bugs

I learned a shocking lesson when I visited San Antonio’s “hot lab,” where some of the world’s deadliest microbes are studied. The germs are winning.

Curing the Colonias

The prescription to treat the sickest areas in Texas isn’t what you think.

Medicine • Wayne Isom

He’s all hearts.

Vocal Heroes

The doctors at Abilene’s Voice Institute of West Texas can treat all manner of problems with the way you talk? Speech, speech!