Jim Atkinson


Saving Face

When a dog chewed off a toddler’s nose, cheeks, and lips, the doctors at Dallas’ Children’s Medical Center sprang into action.

Eyes on the Prize

The noble—and Nobel—efforts of a Houston pharmacology professor could someday help in the treatment of cancer.

Health • Lance Armstrong

The ride of his life.

Playing for Keeps

The truth—what we can discern, anyway—about Tom Landry’s leukemia.

Al, Gored

Can Al Lipscomb survive both the ballot box and the jury box?

Bad Blood

You can’t call it a Texas disease, but meningococcemia—a blood-borne form of meningitis—afflicts a fair number of the state’s children. And if the FDA will let him, a Dallas pediatrician thinks he can treat it.

A Strike Against You

If your family has a history of cancer, are you doomed? Even though many of his relatives—including his famous father—succumbed to the disease, Mickey Mantle, Jr., didn’t think so. Then he got sick.

Addicted to Sex?

Even if you’re not, many Texans are: Sex Addicts Anonymous has 61 chapters across the state, tending to the tattered psyches of exhibitionists and other tormented souls.

Killer C

If you had a blood transfusion before 1992 or have ever shared a needle, you could have hepatitis C. You may feel fine, but it could be killing you.

The Eyes Have It

An anxious, alcoholic, stressed, and depressed Dallasite. A suicidal San Antonian. For each, a seemingly visionary treatment.

State of the Heart

Bypass surgery with almost no pain, and you get to go home three days later? Don’t have a coronary: It’s happening right now, in Texas.

Health • Eric Moon-shong Tang

Smoking out the truth.

No Show

Cash-poor PBS stations can’t seem to come up with innovative new ideas, so they ought to resurrect an innovative old one: Newsroom, the best local public- affairs program in Texas history.

Food Fright

Eating a peanut shouldn’t be a particularly memorable experience, but for Dallasite Mona Cain and countless other allergic Americans, it’s a matter of life and death.

Blowin’ in the Wind

Itchy eyes, sore throat, runny nose: It must be allergy season. But what causes allergies? How do you pick a doctor? And what’s the best treatment? An in-depth look at an affliction that’s nothing to sneeze at.