Jim Atkinson


Germ Warfare

With an early flu season and the emergence of deadly diseases this summer, our good health is under siege.

Altered State

A year after a grand mal seizure left me convulsing on the floor, I’m still finding my way back into everyday life.

The Boys of Spring

You probably think that the main reason to go to the Texas Rangers’ Florida training camp is to watch baseball. You’re probably wrong.

The War Zone

When crack comes to a neighborhood, it infiltrates, it corrupts, and it destroys—and there is nothing the cops can do about it.

Best Enemies

Dallas lawyers Arlen Bynum and John Collins are personal friends and profession foes. They get a kick out of both roles.

Habits of the Heart

Time-honored Texas rituals by Paul Burka,

Coots: A Field Guide

A crusty, cranky, curmudgeonly species of bird is proliferating within our borders. And maybe that’s good.


Bail bonding is one Texas business that’s recession proof.


Dallas cracks the whip on weeds and litter.


The cure for San Antonio’s inner-city malaise may be worse than the disease.


Buckle up for your own safety—and save $35.


The Dallas movie board is antiquated and eccentric, like a wacky uncle.


The DA in El Paso may do a lot of things, but there’s one thing he doesn’t do—plea-bargain.


Look into the Houston sky—those helicopters are full of commuters who are having fun.