Jim Atkinson



The Dallas Citizens Council has a new look, but it’s singing the same old tune.


A dog’s best friend?


You have to wonder if guys like San Antonio’s C. A. Stubbs aren’t the future of urban politics.


The maddest crowd in town? The incensed citizens at the Dallas Auto Pound who have to shell out for the privilege of reclaiming their towed vehicles.

Texas Primer: The Wishbone Offense

Darrell Royal’s supremely simple invention took Texas teams to the top and kept them there.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a developer with a million-dollar idea or a homeowner with a yen to remodel. You can’t bend any rule at all without approval from the Board of Adjustment.

Texas Monthly Reporter

A question of honor in San Antonio; Christian harmony in Dallas; a wage dispute in Houston.


Houston police chief Lee Brown is doing things right; crime is down, public approval is up.


Street barricading in Dallas.

The Desperate Search for Christi Meeks

When five-year-old Christi Meeks disappeared and the police couldn’t find her, her father turned to Bill Dear, one of the most controversial private detectives in Texas.

Peddling Paranoia

Selling crime self-help devices has become a booming business. But do any of these gadgets really make us safer?

Texas Monthly Reporter

Winners and losers from the Republican convention; a crash course for butlers; biting the bullet in Orange County; the peculiar appeal of the Texas State Guard; a bookie tells his trade secrets.

Heaven on Wheels

Why are we crazy for Cadillacs, silly for Suburbans, passionate about pickups?
Because Texans love their cars, that’s why.

Great Moments In Republican History

How Texas became a two=party state in spite of the GOP.

Excuse Me, But Where Can a Free-Enterpriser Get a Drink in This Town

Where to find a life-size statue of businessmen shaking hands, the best right-wing burgers, and other landmarks of Republican life.