Joe Nick Patoski

Joe Nick Patoski is a former senior editor for Texas Monthly and a one-time reporter for the Austin American-Statesman. He has authored and co-authored biographies of Selena and Stevie Ray Vaughan, collaborated with photographer Laurence Parent on books about the Texas mountains, the Texas coast, and Big Bend National Park, all published by University of Texas Press, in addition to writing Generations on the Land: A Conservation Legacy (Texas A&M Press) and Texas High School Football: More Than the Game (Texas Historical Commission). His 2008 book, Willie Nelson: An Epic Life, published by Little, Brown, was recognized by the Friends of the TCU Library with the Texas Book Award for the best book about Texas written in 2007/2008. His most recent book for Little, Brown is The Dallas Cowboys: The Outrageous History of the Biggest, Loudest, Most Hated, Best Loved Football Team in America. Patoski’s byline has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, TimeOut New York, Garden & Gun, and No Despression magazine, for whom he is a contributing editor.



Three shark attacks on the Texas coast this summer are making swimmers edgy and chambers of commerce ask one question: what’s going on out there?

Every Bar But Hershey’s

We have seen the future of Dallas nightlife, and it is called Dallas Alley.

Beating the Elusive Red Drum

What sport requires cunning, stamina, skill, and a fondess for sloshing aroound in the muck? Why, fishing for reds off the coast of Texas, of course.

Habits of the Heart

Time-honored Texas rituals.

Habits of the Heart

Time-honored Texas rituals.

With Strings Attached

Willie Nelson’s true love may have a body that’s worse for the wear, but woe to the man who tries to pick it up.

Who Can Stop the Killer Bees?

Experts predict the first swarms could cross the border next year. What happens then to Texas’ multimillion-dollar honey industry is anybody’s guess.

Paradise Mañana

If the brand-spanking new Mexican beach resort of Huatulco is what you’ve been waiting for, then keep waiting.

Bargains! Bargains! Bargains!

Attention, tightwads! Act now! Sits to nuts—the big bang for the little buck! Check out our super-savin’, dollar-bustin’ bible of buys! Everything must go! (Offer available in Texas only.)

Writing on the Rio

The only way to see Big Bend’s canyons is from the river, but that doesn’t mean you have to get wet, eat trail mix, or give up Bach.

The Big Squeezy

Get hip to zydeco, the born-on-bayou sound with the accordion accent. Ready for it red hot? Check out a Saturday-night church dance in Houston.

Texas Monthly Reporter

Channel 5 in Fort Worth hits forty; Elvis fever hits Waco; a would-be DA hits a snag in Raymondville; and Hangs Book is a hit with fishermen.

The Fall of Country/The Rise of Country

As Nashville pandered to the lowest common denominator, Texans found a new audience hungry for old traditions.

One Brick Shy of a Load

Not your run-of-the-mill pickers and singers, these performers are determined to carve out new territory.