John Anderson


Court Order

For a Houston court clerk, having millions in his bank account is not a dream-it’s his job.

Question Authority

A tiny Houston delivery firm did-and now it has the broadest trucking rights ever granted in Texas.

Hock Treatment

With clean, well-lighted places-filled with bargains-Forth Worth-based Cash America is spiffing up the sullied image of pawnshops.

Return to Sender

In 1998 Neiman Marcus shelled out $119 million for Horchow Mail Order—only to have the cataloger lose $28 million within two years.

Risky Business

Eastern states have hit the jackpot with lotteries. But will Lotto play in Texas?

Mr. March

By running-and-gunning down opponents in the NCAA tournament, Tom Penders has jump-started UT basketball.

Man at Work

Now that Drayton McLane has sold his family company to Wal-Mart, he has no intention of retiring from the daily grind.

Dressed in Peace

When it’s time for that final fashion statement, a Fort Worth clothier has just the thing—complete with Velcro.

Two-way Radio

With a sweet leasing deal, Austin sister stations KASE and KVET pack a one-two punch on the FM dial.

Venturesome Capital

By taking a cue from smart money, even the small investor can get an angle on modest deals in post-bust Texas.

The Texas 100

Who’s up, who’s down, who’s gone, and who’s new on our second annual study of state’s superrich.

The Texas 100

Wealthy Texans have been heard to say that money is just a way of keeping score. Here’s the scoreboard.

The Texas 100: Minor Details

Are Longhorns richer than Aggies? Is Dallas richer than Houston? Is it easier to get rich selling food or cars? For the answers, check out the statistical breakdown of the Texas 100.

The Texas 100: Close, But No Cigar

Why T. Boone Pickens, Bill Clements, Lady Bird, and other runners-up didn’t make the list.

The Texas 100: Index

H. Ross Perot comes first; here’s where to find the other 99.