John Morthland



Simple wooden crosses in Terlingua, carefully delineated stonework in Jefferson: Five great graveyards that run the gamut.

Sour Notes

A tejano rift widens.

Beef 101

An A&M extension class gets beefy.

Johnny on the Spot

Country singer Johnny Rodriguez has had a career full of highs and lows, but with a murder trial looming, his lowest day may be yet to come.

Folk Hero

He’s one of the most influential men in American music. So why haven’t you heard of Alan Lomax?

It’s Not Over

Okay, he isn’t exactly sexy. But he’s hot! And he’s dead! The busiest balladeer in Texas these days is… Roy Orbison.

Class Acts

Long before they were chart-topping musicians, Erykah Badu and Roy Hargrove made the grade at an arts magnet school in Dallas.

EDUCATION • Diana Natalicio

Diversity U.

Soul Survivor

His mentor, Sam Cooke, is long dead, but Dallas’ Johnnie Taylor is alive and well and still living at the top of the charts.

Joe Cool

Joe Ely hits the road.

Statues of Limitations

Which version of history should be promoted by El Paso’s new statue series: the Wild West or the mild West?


The newest bilingual TV star.

Horn Free

After years in New York’s jazz trenches, trumpeter Hannibal Lokumbe has come home to Smithville in search of the simple life.

Meat Feat

An East Texas hot links meat-and-greet.

Music • LeAnn Rimes

Little miss hits.