John Morthland


Sour Notes

A tejano rift widens.

Hog Wild

They’re a major nuisance in rural Texas— but, boy, do they taste good.

Blues Brothers

Long John Hunter and his guitar-slinging friends sharpened their axes in and around Port Arthur, so their recent return was truly a homecoming.


From Poltergeist to the Steel Eel, Texas has five of the nation’s best new roller coasters. And they’re all a scream.


Move over, Anna Nicole Smith. Mexia’s biggest celebrity is Cindy Walker, who penned hits made famous by everyone from Eddy Arnold to Bob Wills.

Play Ball, Y'all

Meet eight Texas teams that are bringing
America’s pastime—the gimmicky,
anything-goes minor league
version—to a stadium near you.

A Big Hit

How Nolan and Reid Ryan are Expressing themselves in Round Rock.

Adolph Hofner and the Pearl Wranglers

CDs by Adolph Hofner and the Pearl Wranglers, Sister Seven, and Bob Dorough.

Musical Marginalia

The places, people and stories behind Texas music.