John Morthland


Spurred On

How Hockley’s Fred Whitfield lassoed his place in pro rodeo history.

Unsentimental Journey

Ornette Coleman’s radical theory of harmolodics helped redefine jazz. His relationship with the music business has always been troubled, however, and today the Fort Worth native suffers from benign neglect. But his tenor sax still packs an emotional wallop.

Tennison, Anyone?

Chalee Tennison wants to reclaim old-time country music.

Presumed Innocent

Rolling with Marcia Ball.

Whole Other Country

Texas artists find a new home at Nashville’s
Country Music Hall of Fame.


Tuning in to Shaggy.

Polka Dotty

Bitter ethnic rivalries. Fragmented musical styles. Who knew that polka fans could be so hard-core? Not Denton’s Brave Combo.

We Are the World

With colorful music and dynamic performers who hail from Africa, Asia, and all points in between, the Houston International Festival puts the globe onstage.

A Good Mango Is Hard to Find

Unless you’re Susana Trilling, who taught me how to prepare traditional Oaxacan dishes at her cooking school in Mexico. This month she’ll teach you too—right here in Texas.

Sharp Shooter

Richard Young knows it takes a lot of practice—and a little natural ability—to be a proficient cowboy action-shooter.

Prodigal Son

After years of ignoring Woody Guthrie’s time in Pampa, residents of the tiny Panhandle community are finally singing “This Land Is His Land.”