John Morthland


Food Get Your Goat

Juan Espinoza’s classy cabrito puts Johnny’s restaurant in front of the herd.

No Smoking

Welcome to Llano, the real barbecue capital of Central Texas. The proof is in the pit.

Plains Song

When Lubbock-born songwriter Butch Hancock steps onstage, West Texas haunts his music.

Fire Power

The habanero chile stokes the burning desire of pepper lovers everywhere.

Jump Starter

The music of T-Bone Walker, the Texas guitarist who put the boogie into “jump” blues, is now definitely on record.

Yo, Y’all

Carrollton’s Vanilla Ice is the country’s coolest rapper, and several other Texas acts are hot on his heels.

“I’m Just Me”

When country singer Charley Pride isn’t on the road, chances are he’s puttering around a Dallas golf course—or riding herd on his business holdings.

Western Fling

With the cultrual diversions of a big city and the country comforts of a small town, Fort Worth is the perfect place for a typically Texan weekend.

Wouldn’t You Like To Be a Pepper Too?

A Dublin bottler is the only one in Texas who’s still sweet on traditional Dr. Pepper.

Red Beans and Blue Notes

When in New Orleans for the Jazz and Heritage Festival, do as the locals do: Search out the neighborhood restaurants and clubs.

Crispy Critters

Carnivores have their steakhouses, herbivores their sprout spots. Now insectivores can munch their way through the Aztec menus in Mexico City.

Black to Basics

Newcomer of the year Clint Black plays tributes to early country music—with an unintentional Texas twist.

The Good, The Bad, and The Country

In the small world of country’s New Traditionalism, George Strait and Steve Earle still manage to be worlds apart.

Button Pushers

Dealing drugs along the border is a risky, illegal business—unless you happen to be one of the nine Texans licensed to sell peyote.

The Denton Dilemma

North Texas bands face a tough choice: living to make music or making music for a living.