John Morthland



At restaurants across Texas, there are any number of things that taste better dipped in egg and milk, dredged in flour, and pan-fried in hot oil. If you think steak is the only chicken-fried, uh, delicacy, wake up and smell the bacon. And the antelope. And the lobster. And…

The 100 Best Texas Songs

Two are by Willie. Which songs, exactly? And what about the remaining 98? You’ll have to check our list to find out.

Pit Stops

Where are the best places to eat barbecue in Texas? Six years ago we published a highly subjective—and hotly debated— list of our fifty favorite joints, and now we’ve gone back for seconds. Ten intrepid souls drove more than 21,000 miles in search of 2003’s worthiest ‘cue. Here’s what they came back with: the top 5 and the next 45, plus honorable mentions, great chains, and meat by mail.

A Good Mango Is Hard to Find

Unless you’re Susana Trilling, who taught me how to prepare traditional Oaxacan dishes at her cooking school in Mexico. This month she’ll teach you too—right here in Texas.


Tuning in to Shaggy.

Unsentimental Journey

Ornette Coleman’s radical theory of harmolodics helped redefine jazz. His relationship with the music business has always been troubled, however, and today the Fort Worth native suffers from benign neglect. But his tenor sax still packs an emotional wallop.

Merry Texas Christmas, You All

Ten tunes by Texas artists to jingle your bells.

This Place Is A Zoo

Want to get up close and personal with kudus and kangaroos, tigers and toucans, okapi and orangutans? We’re especially fauna these zoos, the ten best in the state.

Music • Elida Reyna

Tops in tejano.

The Meating

Three friends, seven years, untold pounds of barbecue pork chops and prime rib, and a single tradition that elevates the experience above mere food.

Musical Marginalia

The places, people and stories behind Texas music.

Wills Power

Sixty-five years after his first recording sessions with the Texas Playboys, 25 years after his death, Bob Wills is still the king of western swing.

Play Ball, Y'all

Meet eight Texas teams that are bringing America’s pastime—the gimmicky, anything-goes minor league version—to a stadium near you.