The Rules of Engagement Rings

You bust up before you two say “I do.” Who gets to keep the rock?

Once a Travesty, Houston Now Texas's Leader in Rape Kit Testing

Early results from sifting through a backlog of more than 6,600 evidence lockers include fresh convictions and hundreds of matches with the FBI’s national DNA database.

Bun B on Faith, Sin, Integrity, and Hip-Hop as Religion

The veteran rapper won’t perform his music at Rice for any amount of money. School is for teaching.

The Butterfly Crisis

Monarch numbers are way, way down, and what you’ve been planting to help them might be doing more harm than good.

Eight Reasons Grackles Are Awesome

Maybe it’s time we kick the mockingbird off its perch as the state bird and replace it with an avian friend with even more personality and visibility.

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

The Flower Man House, RIP.

Lance Armstrong Does It Again; Enhances Position Among Texan Sports Disgraces

With the cyclist attempting to let his girlfriend take the blame for an alleged Aspen hit-and-run, he distances himself from the pack of fallen athletic heroes.

A Closer Look at the Texas High School Student-Teacher Sex Epidemic

In most states, as the old saying goes, fifteen will get you twenty. In Texas, twenty can get you twenty, if you are employed by a school district in any capacity.

You Call That Texas Chili? Get A Rope.

The New York Times’s latest stab at authentic Texas cooking is even weirder than most.

Remembering Bobby "Blue" Bland

In their sixties Houston-based prime, the music of Bobby “Blue” Bland and his musical director Joe Scott was every bit as good as that of Frank Sinatra and Nelson Riddle. 

An Evening With Mr. Cub

A Texas couple dines with the late Ernie Banks at Harry Caray’s Steakhouse in Chicago, talking about everything but baseball. 

Blake Benthall: Confirmed Goody Two-Shoes, Alleged International Drug Kingpin

An old friend says Houston’s Benthall, the alleged administrator of online drug emporium Silk Road 2.0, is an even unlikelier drug lord than Austinite Ross Ulbricht, who is currently on trial for running Silk Road 1.0. Which is not say that she thinks Benthall is innocent…   

Five of the Riciest Things That Rice Ever Riced

A few of our brainiest school’s most brazen assaults on common sense, good taste, and sacred Collies.

A Year After Houston's Flower Man Died, His House Will Join Him in the Great Beyond

One of Houston’s most cherished art landmarks can’t survive the ravages of the climate or the loss of its hyperkinetic, ever-improvising creator.

State Moves to Seize Cash in Spousal Hit Plot

A Cypress man is accused of paying $5,000 to take a hit out on his wife, and now the state is attempting to seize that money—money that presumably also belongs in part to the woman who was the intended victim the crime.