Another Day, Another Proposal to Save the Astrodome

Or perhaps a more fitting and respectful fate is to just let the structure crumble, to go the way of the ancient ruins.

True Tex-Mex Cuisine's Long Adios

Beset by high-end interior Mexican, mid-range fajita-and-’rita chains, budget taquerias, and taco trucks—and whatever Torchy’s is—Houston’s old-school Tex-Mex is fading away.

Highlights From Robert Durst’s Houston Years

For the past ten years, the notorious, newly minted documentary superstar has been relaxing in affluent obscurity in Houston’s most fashionable areas, not creeping people out at all—most of the time.

Glass Frat Houses

In the aftermath of the racist Sigma Alpha Epsilon video, Texas is in no position to throw stones at Oklahoma. And we are not alone in that, sadly. 

Three Pies in the Houston Skies

Houston Redditors makes wishes that will probably never come true.

A Cattle Heist of Epic Proportions

More than 1,100 calves have vanished into thin Panhandle air. Poof, gone. Looking at the numbers of this landmark cattle theft.

No, Sharpstown, Texas, Did Not Fire its Police Force and Bring About a Huge Drop in Crime

There’s no such town, no cops were fired, and the drop in crime is debatable. The rest is spot-on.



Is Texas Southern, Western, or Truly a Lone Star?

Despite a century of homegrown rebranding efforts, some historians believe Texas remains as Dixie as ever.

The Rules of Engagement Rings

You bust up before you two say “I do.” Who gets to keep the rock?

Once a Travesty, Houston Now Texas's Leader in Rape Kit Testing

Early results from sifting through a backlog of more than 6,600 evidence lockers include fresh convictions and hundreds of matches with the FBI’s national DNA database.

Bun B on Faith, Sin, Integrity, and Hip-Hop as Religion

The veteran rapper won’t perform his music at Rice for any amount of money. School is for teaching.

The Butterfly Crisis

Monarch numbers are way, way down, and what you’ve been planting to help them might be doing more harm than good.

Eight Reasons Grackles Are Awesome

Maybe it’s time we kick the mockingbird off its perch as the state bird and replace it with an avian friend with even more personality and visibility.

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

The Flower Man House, RIP.