John Nova Lomax

John Nova Lomax has been an oyster shucker in Tennessee, a landscape gardener and British Telecom mail clerk in Lancashire, and a field hand on a kibbutz in the Arava section of the Negev in Israel. He is also the author of Houston’s Best Dive Bars: Drinking and Diving in the Bayou City, a guidebook to Houston dive bars, and co-author of Murder & Mayhem in Houston: Historic Bayou City Crime, a compilation of notorious Houston crimes. 

Lomax has been a full-time journalist in the Bayou City since 2001. He spent eleven years at the Houston Press as a music editor and staff writer and is proudest of helping discover Hayes Carll, rediscover Lil’ Joe Washington, and winning an ASCAP Deems Taylor Award in 2008. With future Marfa city councilman and justice of the peace David Beebe, Lomax walked a total of more than 200 miles of Houston streets on about a dozen different trips, writing about the adventures as part of the “Sole of Houston” blog series. After leaving the music beat, Lomax covered crime, courts and culture for the Press. His work has also appeared in Spin, the New York Times, the Village Voice, and LA Weekly. He has been a senior editor with Texas Monthly since January 2015.


A Family Fights Off an Angry Alligator, Keeping State Fatality-Free

There are gators aplenty in East and South Texas, yet no Texan has ever been killed since records have been kept, despite close calls like what happened recently with a Chambers County boy.

Now You Don't Have to Go to Reynosa for Your Donald Trump Piñata

With the sweets-stuffed effigies of the Big Apple mogul now on sale in the Valley, bashing the Donald just got that much easier.

Contending With Our Confederate Dirty Laundry

Yes, the Confederate flag has to go. But what next after that? And what hopes are we pinning on the destruction of symbols?

Embrace Y'all, Y'all

An increasing number of Texans seem to think it’s sophisticated to call a group of people “you guys.” It’s not.

As We're Invaded By Mattress Stores, a UT MBA Plots to Move the Business Online

Mattress Firms are multiplying today as fast as chain pharmacies did twenty years ago, but how long can they stave off the future?

Still Bill

Houston goes a bit nuts over a storm that was nothing like the Memorial Day floods.

Texas City Flags: The Good, the Blah, and the Fugly

Our state flag kicks ass seven ways from Sunday. Maybe that’s why the vast majority of our city flags are terrible.

Houston's Huge Pride Parade Is Heading Downtown, Leaving Montrose Behind

Proponents says it’s outgrown its small-neighborhood roots and that the move is indicative of the triumph of LGBT rights. Opponents say the event forsaking its soul in the name of dubious progress.

Houston Slighted Once Again As America's Most Miserable Sports City

According to a New York Times blog, our mid-seventies hockey prowess elevates us to only eleventh among cursed sports towns.

The Problems With "100-Year Floods"

They seem to happen a lot more often than once a century, for one thing.

Dallas: Still Way More Pretentious Than Houston

Two suburban closets tell the tale.

49 Experts Agree: That Third Photo of Robert Johnson Is Not Authentic

But the real mystery is, why are we still so obsessed with this particular Mississippi Delta blues legend? 

Three Feet High and Risin'

After ravaging the Hill Country, the Memorial Day rains played havoc on Houston.

Wild Berry Season Is Upon Us. Partake!

Picking dewberries (and making cobblers, pies, jams, or jellies) is a time-honored foraging tradition.