John Nova Lomax

John Nova Lomax has been an oyster shucker in Tennessee, a landscape gardener and British Telecom mail clerk in Lancashire, and a field hand on a kibbutz in the Arava section of the Negev in Israel. He is also the author of Houston’s Best Dive Bars: Drinking and Diving in the Bayou City, a guidebook to Houston dive bars, and co-author of Murder & Mayhem in Houston: Historic Bayou City Crime, a compilation of notorious Houston crimes. 

Lomax has been a full-time journalist in the Bayou City since 2001. He spent eleven years at the Houston Press as a music editor and staff writer and is proudest of helping discover Hayes Carll, rediscover Lil’ Joe Washington, and winning an ASCAP Deems Taylor Award in 2008. With future Marfa city councilman and justice of the peace David Beebe, Lomax walked a total of more than 200 miles of Houston streets on about a dozen different trips, writing about the adventures as part of the “Sole of Houston” blog series. After leaving the music beat, Lomax covered crime, courts and culture for the Press. His work has also appeared in Spin, the New York Times, the Village Voice, and LA Weekly. He has been a senior editor with Texas Monthly since January 2015.


Louisiana "Witch Doctor" Jailed For Aiding Texas Cocaine Cartels

A Nigerian-born Louisiana man says he’s a chief and not a “witch doctor,” and his case recalls a far more horrible one from 26 years ago.

This Is Texas

Why the capital should rightfully be Houston, not Austin.

Changing the Channel

The Houston Ship Channel turns one hundred.

Roll Over, Ike Turner

How a little-known Houston singer, songwriter, and guitarist named Goree Carter invented rock and roll.

RIP, Little Joe Washington

When Little Joe died last month, Houston lost a link to its rich blues history. 

Finally, Thanks to Craig Biggio, a Cooperstown Bust Will Rock an Astros Hat

On his third attempt, former Astros catcher, second baseman, and center fielder Craig Biggio has gained entry into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. 

Billionaire Fund Manager Fayez Sarofim Weds Son's Mother-in-Law

After the New Year’s Eve nuptials of their mom and dad, Phillip and Lori Sarofim are now step-siblings as well as spouses. Fifteen years after his second messy and expensive divorce, has Fayez Sarofim found true love at last?

Randy Weber Backtracks From Tweet Likening Obama to Hitler

The representative from Texas apologized for a tweet that said, “Even Adolph Hitler thought it more important than Obama to get to Paris.”

State Moves to Seize Cash in Spousal Hit Plot

A Cypress man is accused of paying $5,000 to take a hit out on his wife, and now the state is attempting to seize that money—money that presumably also belongs in part to the woman who was the intended victim the crime. 

A Year After Houston's Flower Man Died, His House Will Join Him in the Great Beyond

One of Houston’s most cherished art landmarks can’t survive the ravages of the climate or the loss of its hyperkinetic, ever-improvising creator.

Five of the Riciest Things That Rice Ever Riced

A few of our brainiest school’s most brazen assaults on common sense, good taste, and sacred Collies.

Blake Benthall: Confirmed Goody Two-Shoes, Alleged International Drug Kingpin

An old friend says Houston’s Benthall, the alleged administrator of online drug emporium Silk Road 2.0, is an even unlikelier drug lord than Austinite Ross Ulbricht, who is currently on trial for running Silk Road 1.0. Which is not say that she thinks Benthall is innocent…   

An Evening With Mr. Cub

A Texas couple dines with the late Ernie Banks at Harry Caray’s Steakhouse in Chicago, talking about everything but baseball. 

Remembering Bobby "Blue" Bland

In their sixties Houston-based prime, the music of Bobby “Blue” Bland and his musical director Joe Scott was every bit as good as that of Frank Sinatra and Nelson Riddle. 

You Call That Texas Chili? Get A Rope.

The New York Times’s latest stab at authentic Texas cooking is even weirder than most.