Jordan Mackay


Basketball Diary

This is the ninth and final installment of a series of updates on the Dallas Mavericks season.

Snap Decision

Why Troy Aikman shouldn’t retire.

On the Rebound

The Dallas Mavericks have a new owner and a new attitude, but they have no real plan to make themselves the kings of the court. I do.

The Basketball Diary

Assisitant editor Jordan Mackay charts the Dallas
Mavericks season - visit every week for updates and commentary.

West Texas Tornado

Cedric Benson of the Midland Lee Rebels has a cause: He may just be the greatest running back in Texas 5A history.

Get With the Program

Two-four-six-eight, who do we appreciate? San Antonio businessman Jack DeVere, whose collection of Texas football memorabilia evokes a simpler, more innocent time.

Sour Grapes

For nearly 25 years the state’s wineries have struggled to mature. Will Texas wines ever go well with anything?

Your questions on Texas wine answered

Test assistant editor Jordan Mackay’s knowledge of Texas wine—his piece, “Sour Grapes,” about the state of the Texas wine industry, ran in this issue.

Horse Play

Can SMU football come back from the dead by
building a $56 million stadium?

Film • Bonnie Curtis

Producing results.

Hut, Hut, Pay Hike!

Texas high school coaches rush ahead for the big bucks.

Great Escapes

From a boutique hotel in hip South Austin to a bed-and-breakfast across the Mexican border, from fly fishing on the Llano River to bathing in the Chinati Hot Springs, 33 getaways the guidebooks don’t tell you about, courtesy of our intrepid staff of weekend warriors.

Tomorrow People

Meet the senior class of what might be called Texas Music U. — four up-and-coming acts that should graduate to the big time.

Musical Marginalia

The places, people and stories behind Texas music.