Joseph Nocera


On Assignment: Prime Pickens

Up close and extremely personal with Boone Pickens, the takeover titan who changed Texas business.

Silber Lining

Former UT dean John Silber’s tough talk is about to make him the next governor of Massachusetts.

The Long, Lonesome Road

Fred Thomas was young, poor, and black. Not only was he afflicted with the terror of schizophrenia, he was also faced with the chaos of the Texas mental health system.

Texas Monthly Reporter

The Harris Count Administration Building isn’t big enough for both Jon Lindsay and Mike Driscoll; Ray Perryman, a reporter’s best friend; a lucky accident brought Ethiopians—and Ethiopian restaurants—to Dallas.

Texas Monthly Reporter

Will Shelby Coffey lead the Dallas Times-Herald to victory? Will Muse aficionados ever find happiness aloft again? Will Tommy Pierce keep real-estating and a-rocking?

Texas Primer: The Petroleum Club

People who have watched a certain prime-time soap opera think they know what goes on at the Petroleum Club. They don’t.

Why Boone Can’t Lose

An old hand at Pickens-watching reveals the key to the Amarillo oilman’s corporate-takeover antics.

Texas Primer: The Oil Depletion Allowance

Assailed by presidents, skewered by senators, decried by the New York Times, the oil depletion allowance has survived it all. It helps to have friends in high places.

Texas Monthly Reporter

A new Henry Lee Lucas mystery in Lubbock

The Eccentric Genius of Trammel Crow

He changed the face of Texas by building warehouses that looked like office buildings. Then he built office buildings that looked like warehouses.

Why I Hate Lamaze

New parents, beware! The only think I got out of my six Lamaze classes was permission to enter the delivery room with my wife.

Death of a Computer

Four critical mistakes forced Texas Instruments to pull the plug on the home computer that it had once expected would dominate the market.

Texas Monthly Reporter

A heated race for the Senate; a leisurely trip to Astrotown; a cool master of Dallas protocol; a steel-industry success story in Seguin.

Big Oil Paranoia

Robert Sherrill’s Oil Follies of 1979-1980 leaves no detail unremarked in its effort to pin the blame on Big Oil; in Ronnie Dugger’s On Reagan the author is as unbending an ideologue as his subject is.

Fantasy Island

It’s a high-rise developer’s dream. Houston’s old guard wants to turn 34 acres of downtown warehouses into an island of classy shops and pricey condos. They thought they had it wired, until Kathy Whitmire was elected mayor.