Judith Crist


Welsh Rabbit and a Mixed Bag

Dylan Thomas and Ingmar Bergman top some films of varying quality.

Two-Stepping to The Last Tango

Marlon takes it off and movies will never be the same.

Remaking History Hollywood Style

Old films and old themes come uneasily back to life.

Variations on the Confidence Game

Ryan O’Neal, Adolph Hitler and Tom Sawyer have a lot

in common. Trust us, you’ll see.

What's Up Documentary?

Fantasy finds it hard to compete with reality.

Some Things Old, Some Things New

Turffaut does it again, Polanski leaves a lot to be desired, and Losey wins and loses at the same time.

Classics Illustrated

Neither fish nor fowl, filmed theater is a whole new art form.

Of Nebbishes and Kings

Whether evading the law, loosening the bonds of marriage, or traveling to the future, escape is the watchword for this group of films.