Katharine Lowry


Say It with Music

Nashville, The Fortune, and Jaws: the perils and rewards of making it big.

Wanderers East, Wanderers West

Day of the Locust, French Connection II, The Passenger: doing some hard traveling.

It’s a Steal

Frank Perry used a lot of hackneyed material in his new film, but Neil Simon just ripped off his own.

Cleaning Up the Act

Both Warren Beatty and Ellen Burstyn are going to wash that malaise right out of their hair.

Doiní the Monster Mashed

The new Frankenstein is a horror movie. Unfortunately, it wasn’t intended to be.

An Offering You Canít Refuse

Godfather II is one sequel that’s as good as the original.

Talk on the Wild Side

Both human and natural eruptions inspire some disasters, but a quietly poetic film moves the most.

Fiends and Lovers

A love affair that is so real it hurts; and one that hurts so much it’s unreal.

Go West, Old Man

Gambling and growing old, odd subjects for films, odd films for those subjects.

Who’s Minding the Gore?

Blood-and-guts movies take a back seat to a film about a pushy kid on the way up.

When All the Laughter Turned to Sap

All these movies have something missing; it didn’t take Sam Spade to find it.

From Badlands to Worselands

Gatsby is not a complete disappointment while an unheralded little movie about Texas looks great.


Another big money musical is another disaster and cop stories are a too-familiar tune.

Comic Cowboys and Other Heroes

Cops, sci-fi, and westerns get served up as leftovers, and only one still tastes good. Meanwhile, Robert Altman has another dazzling film.

Devil Without a Cause

Lots of spooky movies this month as a new reviewer

takes the wheel.