Katharyn Rodemann


Amazing Graciela

The stark beauty and powerful emotion of her photographs are undeniable. An excerpt from a new book celebrating the life and work of Mexico’s incomparable Graciela Iturbide.

My Name Is Tonnyre Thomas Joe

And I am a woman rancher. Here’s what my life is like.

Being a Texas Beauty

Everything I Could Ever Tell You About …

Tish Hinojosa

It wasn’t until I moved away that I saw that a lot of art, a lot of what Texas is about, didn’t come only from San Antonio.

Performing for Kids

Here’s singing for you, kid.

Happy Trails

In Italy, 45 miles south of Dallas, time seems to move
unhurried for everyone.

Bombshells Away

In this summer of D-day nostalgia, we pause to
remember the unsung heroines of World War II: the
pinup girls painted on the noses of B-24’s and other
planes for luck and inspiration. Some of the most
colorful artwork is on permanent display in Midland.
Permission to view it granted.

Happy Trails

A drive through the Hill Country and a brush with Texas’s mystic side gave my world-weary self a breath of fresh air.

Happy Trails

If you’re looking for a cool place to see live music, then head to Helotes and the John T. Floore Country Store.

Guitar Man

“I’m the one who introduced guitar boogie-woogie in this country, with a song I called ‘Gatemouth Boogie.’ It was a big hit.”

Happy Trails

In the little town of Praha, southeast of Austin, there are a couple of houses, a cemetery, and one of the most beautiful painted churches in Texas.