Kathryn Jones


Brownsville to Laredo on U.S. 83 and Mexico Highway 2

Vintage jukeboxes, puffed tacos, a deserted village—and a vision of Tom Landry.

Nerd Herd

The drought drives cattle ranchers online.


Wealthy school districts think they’ve found a way to shield millions of dollars from the state’s Robin Hood law. Are they about to get malled?


The Texas film industry’s labor pain.

Viz Kids

Texas A&M is churning out a new crop of students who aren’t farmers or vets. They’re the computer aces of the Visualization Lab, and they’re Hollywood’s new masters of special effects.

Drawing the Line

Where is the Texas-Oklahoma border? The answer has people on both sides of the river seeing Red.

Corporate Makeover

EDS, the company Ross Perot imbued with his own conservative image, is designing Internet sites for magazines like Elle. What a tangled Web we weave.

Grape and Pillage

By chain-sawing three acres of its research vineyard near Fort Stockton, the University of Texas System uncorked quite a controversy.

Raymond Nasher

His artful gift to the city of Dallas ensures his legacy.

“I’ve Written Enough Fiction”

So says Larry McMurtry, Texas’ best—and best-known— novelist. But that doesn’t mean he’s giving up literature altogether; in fact, his days are quite booked.

Marathon Man

Houston’s J.P. Bryan is remaking a West Texas town into what could be the next Taos—and for some locals, that’s a mixed blessing.

Briscoe’s Bounty

Dolph Briscoe used to govern Texas. He still owns a bigger piece of it than any individual in the world.

Shrinking Giant

Once more than a million acres, the Matador Ranch is today a fraction of that size. How it got from there to here is the story of Texas ranching.

MULTIMEDIA • John Romero

Game Boy.

Our Foreign Legion

Austria. The Bahamas. Botswana. Jamaica. Sweden. In each place the U.S. ambassador is a Texan sent there by Bill Clinton, whoÕs as partial to our stateÕs best and brightest (and richest) as LBJ was.