Katy Vine

Katy Vine joined the editorial staff of Texas Monthly in 1997 and became a staff writer in 2002. She has written on a range of topics, including the West fertilizer plant explosion, barbecue pitmasters, Warren Jeffs, the moon landing, the Kilgore Rangerettes, bass fishing, a three-person family circus, chess prodigies, and a reclusive musician named Jandek. Her stories have appeared in the Best American Sports Writing 2005, the Best American Sports Writing 2006, and Best Food Writing 2011. Her 2005 feature story about an Odessa prostitution parlor was the inspiration for the Lifetime television series The Client List. She has contributed to the Oxford American, the Texas Observer, and the radio program “This American Life.”



The Agitator

He wasn’t diplomatic and he wasn’t subtle, but Curtis Graves forged a political path for black Texans—and altered history forever.

Corps Values

Alyssa Michalke was recently named the first female commander of Texas A&M’s corps of cadets. It’s been a long time coming.

Cops and Robbers

They were some of the toughest narcs on the border, known for busting smugglers, staging raids, seizing cartel cocaine—and being dirty.

New Money? No Problem

Jeff Boswell will find your dream spread.


Revisiting the Family Circus

Eight-year-old Giovanni and six-year-old Victor can ride the Globe of Death, spin plates, and transfix large audiences. As the eighth generation of the Flores Family Thrill Show, it’s their birthright.

Pumped-Up Kicks

When throngs of shoe fanatics descend on Houston for the annual Sneaker Summit, it’s the perfect time to understand the sole of a man. And if you happen to be a high school junior named Adam, the goal is finding the right pair of Nike Galaxies for a mere $750.

The Lost Days of El Texano

The rise and fall of David Renk, one of the few Americans to become a matador.

Bloodless Sport

Every year, some of Mexico’s very best matadors travel to a remote South Texas bullring—one of the few in this country—for no-kill fights. Their pageantry draws spectators by the busload.

A Summer Weekend in Galveston

A carefully designed, kid-friendly romp through a historic city by the sea.

Man About Town

How did rapper Bun B become Houston’s unofficial mayor?

Tips From the Great Debater

At 94 years old, debate icon Thomas Freeman has taught everyone from Martin Luther King Jr. to Barbara Jordan.

What’s the Next Chapter for the FLDS Ranch?

If the church doesn’t appeal a ruling that allows the seizure of the 1,600-acre ranch in Eldorado, it could become property of the state. What will Texas do with the infamous compound?

Kolaches for Christmas, Anyone? Your Gift Guide to Mail Orders From West, Texas

What’s a better gift than Christmas-morning kolaches? Christmas kolaches ordered from West, Texas.

Meanwhile, in West Texas . . .

The Tall City gets taller.

The Line of Fire

When flames erupted at the West Fertilizer Company plant, the members of the local volunteer fire department pulled on their bunker gear and jumped in their trucks, just like they always do.