Kevin O’Keeffe


Paul Quinn College Bans Pork in On-Campus Eateries

President Michael J. Sorrell said that the creation of “a pork-free cafeteria” is part of a greater healthy living campaign.

Beeville Man Sees Jesus in Breakfast Taco

Ernesto Garza said that the image of the Christian Messiah in his tortilla was “a miracle.”

Matthew McConaughey’s Renaissance Continues

Coming off five quirky, acclaimed roles this past year, it was announced that the actor was cast in Martin Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street.

Judge Blocks Provisions of Voter Registration Laws

Galveston federal judge Gregg Costa ruled that restrictions on voter registration rallies were unconstitutional.

Norah Jones Releases New Video

The Texas songbird strikes a disturbingly dark tone in the video for “Miriam.”

Rice University Researcher Breaks Joggling World Record

Matthew Feldman jogged a 6-minute, 33-second mile while juggling five balls last Friday, setting a world record in the hybrid sport known as ‘joggling.’

Houston Mayor’s Office Releases Curiously Timed Active Shooter PSA

Spurred on by the Aurora, Colorado incident, the City of Houston Mayor’s Office released a PSA packed with tips on how to survive a shooting crisis last week.

Sandra Bullock Selling Her Austin Digs

Sandra Bullock, who just put her Austin home on the market for $2.5 million, is reportedly moving full-time to Los Angeles.