Kimberly Jeffries


Two for the Road

Associate editor John Spong on spending eight days listening to author Larry L. King’s outlandish stories—and on writing about his hero.

Rounding Up the Steers

Senior editor Anne Dingus on the Bum Steers traditions and mocking those other Simpsons.

The Funnies

Illustrator Tim Bower, who worked on this month’s cover story, talks about drawing, humor, and his favorite Bum Steer.

Working Girls

Associate editor Katy Vine on prostitution in Odessa and writing about sex.

Texas History 101

Dallas-based Belo, now a national media powerhouse, started as a small paper in Galveston.

“Just Hit It”

Contributing editor Turk Pipkin on his new book, The Old Man and the Tee.

Find That Food

Contributing photographer Wyatt McSpadden on traveling across Texas to capture Mexican food on film.

Texas History 101

Houston-based Continental Airlines has survived the deregulation of commercial flights, two bankruptcy stints, and 9/11.

Texas Tidbits

Hockey’s popularity is growing among pint-size Texans with the help of Stomp, Fang, and friends.

The Great Debate

Senior editor Gary Cartwright on Norma McCorvey (a.k.a. Jane Roe) and how abortion has divided the country.

Books That Cook

Recipes From Historic Texas: A Restaurant Guide and Cookbook (Taylor Trade Publishing, 2003)

Texas Tidbits

Throughout its 112-year history, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has been known for its tendency to overturn the rulings of lower courts on technicalities.

Heard the Buzz?

Writer John Bloom, who wrote this month’s “They Came. They Sawed,” talks about slasher flicks and horror-movie audiences.

Drawing on Politics

Illustrator Steve Brodner discusses political satire and his new book, Freedom Fries.