Larry King


The Book on Willie Morris

The former editor of the Daily Texan and the Texas Observer was a good ol’ boy, a haunted soul, and my greathearted friend. A remembrance.

Texas Movies: Hollywood, TX

How Hollywood sees us—and how Hollywood got us wrong.

Vanishing Texas

Searching for tourist courts, fillin’ stations, and other relics of a Texas that is no more.

Cowboys and Iranians

What do Odessa beer joints and the Iran-contra hearings have in common? Everything.

Friday Night Ringers

Why do the towns that have oil also have the best football players?

The Passions of the Common Man

That’s what country music is, and that’s why it plays in Peoria.

The Beer Joint

A long overdue homage to a cornerstone of Texas culture.

Bringing Up Lyndon

First the boy made the man—then the man re-made the boy.

The Best Sportswriter in Texas

Hint: his initials are B.S.

Who’s Number One in the Permian Basin?

Midland and Odessa are only seventeen miles apart, and that’s too close for comfort.

The Only Game in Town

The world’s best Domino player reveals his biggest secret — his identity.

Coming of Age in the Locker Room

What football does to its people.


Being a Redneck is a lot of things, but it ain’t fun and it ain’t easy.

Leavin’ McMurtry

Leaving Cheyenne, which may be Larry McMurtry’s best novel, is made into a miserable movie. This is how it happened.