Lou Dubose


So What's the Truth About Dan Morales and Tobacco?

It’s the question on everyone’s mind now that the former attorney general is suddenly running for governor. The answer could determine whether his political prospects go up in smoke.

The Metamorphosis

If you want to understand the shift in political power that has taken place in Texas over the past thirty years—from rural areas to the new suburbs, from Democratic control to Republican dominance—you’ll hardly find a better case study than Tom DeLay’s Sugar Land.

The Man With the Plan

You probably know that Tom DeLay spearheaded the massive—and massively controversial— congressional redistricting effort that tied Texas legislators in knots for one regular and three special sessions. What you probably don’t know is how he did it. Herein lies a tale.

Soldier of Fortune

Just curious, Mr. Vice President: How did your old pals at Halliburton get that five-year, no-bid contract to clean up Iraq?