Madelyn Herzog


Discovering LBJ’s Austin

The city held a special place in Lyndon Baines Johnson’s heart, and a number of the places significant in his life there are still around.

Texas Wants Its Gold Back

Perry-backed legislation would create the “Fort Knox of Texas.”

Gawker Publishes George W. Bush's Private Email Address

And tells readers to wish him a “Happy Iraq War Day.”

NASA Presentation on Asteroid Detection "Not Reassuring"

Ten thousand “city killers” pass by the Earth unnoticed every year, said a NASA official.

Texas Legislature Earns Top Marks for Transparency

Regardless of your views, at least you know what’s going on in there.

The Church At The Local Bar

Alcohol will be served—after the sermon.

Austin Bag Ban Generates Mixed Bag of Reactions

Here are the pros and cons.

Anti-Spending Texas Lawmaker Proposes George Bush National Park

Just surveying the property will cost up to $25,000.

Two Texas Universities Dubbed "Amazing but Overlooked"

By The Daily Beast. We already knew they were great.

"Victory or Death" Letter Returns to the Alamo

For the first time since it was penned by commander William Barret Travis 177 years ago.

Texas Executes First Man of 2013

Carl Henry Blue was put to death Thursday for setting an ex-girlfriend on fire.

Is Beaumont the Saddest City in America?

Or are their tweets just too profane?

Jetsons Cars To Become A Reality in Round Rock? Sort of, Maybe

Residents may soon enjoy a ski lift-like public transit system.

The Twitillating Flirtation Between A Congressman and A Texas State Student

"ilu," 63-year-old Rep. Cohen (D-Tennessee) tweeted multiple times at a young bikini model.