Madelyn Herzog


Egypt Looks to El Paso for Water Wisdom

The city's massive inland desalination plant is drawing admirers from near and far.

Rep. Steve Stockman Tries to Display Obama Failometer and . . . Fails

Take it down, ordered U.S. House operations officers.

Panhandle Church Offers Concealed Handgun License Classes

“We’ve always attempted to think outside the box as far as what the needs of the community are,” said Rev. Brad Foster, Calvary Baptist Church’s senior pastor.

The Never-Ending Drought and What Texas Plans to Do About It

Remember the 2012 Water Plan? Now it's being discussed in legislature. We'll bring you up to speed.

So Governor Brown Called Governor Perry's Pitch to Californian Businesses "Barely A Fart"

How likely are Californian businesses to move to Texas?

El Paso Named Safest U.S. City

And the border was declared secure. What does this mean for immigration laws?

Rick Perry to Californians: Come Check Out Texas

Perry's thirty-second radio ad aimed at wooing businesspeople will run in six Californian cities.

Texas Tenth in the Nation for Green Building

The Lone Star state constructed over 36 million square feet of energy-efficient space last year.

Matthew McConaughey Works Through Stages of Grief After Lance Armstrong's Confession

First he was mad, then he was sad. Now he is coming to terms.

How Texas Public Schools Teach the Bible

With a largely Protestant bias, according to examples culled by the Texas Freedom Network.

One Texas Lawmaker Wants Electric Vehicle Owners to Pay

Representative Drew Darby wants fuel-efficient vehicles, which naturally incur lower gas taxes, to be charged increased registration fees.

Beyoncé Lip-Synced at Obama’s Inauguration

Or so said a Marine Band spokeswoman. Question is, does it even matter?

Bexar County Public Library Will Be Entirely Digital

Announced a judge who himself has 1,000 first editions in his personal library.

Are Houstonians More Likely To Drink and Drive?

H-town and two other Texas cities have some of the worst drunk driving fatality rates in America.