Michael Ennis

Michael Ennis has been a regular contributor to Texas Monthly since 1977. He is the New York Times best-selling author of the historical novels The Malice of Fortune, Duchess of Milan, and Byzantium, which have been published worldwide. He earned his degree in history from the University of California, Berkeley; taught art history at the University of Texas, Austin; and is a former John D. Rockefeller III Foundation Fellow. His nonfiction writing, on subjects ranging from military preparedness and national politics to art and architecture, has won several national awards; been included in the curriculum of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point; and has been published in a number of books and anthologies as well as magazines such as Esquire, ARTnews, and Architectural Digest.


Prints of a Fellow

The addition of Leo Steinberg’s magnificent collection makes it official: UT-Austin’s Blanton is one of the best university art museums in the country.

The Minimalist

The real revelation of Donald Judd’s early work is how far ahead of its time it looks—not simply its own time, but our time as well.

A Fine Modness

Modernism may yet be proved dead, but if so, it has left an exquisite corpse in Fort Worth’s stunning new Modern Art Museum.

Peter's Principles

Some people look at Houston and see only rough edges. Peter Marzio, the director of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, sees a brash upstart that should be proud of its cultural riches.

Moving Pictures

At Houston’s FotoFest 2002, digital art took center stage as never before-and proved that the Next Big Thing might really be the next big thing.

Small Stuff

The Hyde Park Miniature Museum in Houston is an outsized testament to one man’s love of his life’s little treasures.

Amon High

With a massive addition to its gallery space and a host of new exhibitions in the works, Fort Worth’s Amon Carter Museum is back in the saddle.

Best Western

Frank Reaugh was one of the state’s greatest artists. So why does his name draw so many blanks?

Thoroughly Modern

Denton’s Toni LaSelle has a perspective on the modernist movement like no other artist. That’s because she witnessed it first-hand.

Image Conscious

Meet two prominent Houston artists who are
at the forefront of digital art—and the
debate over what virtual reality means for
reality itself.

The Reign of Spain

If you’re searching for the splendor of Spain’s golden age, look no further than the Meadows Museum in Dallas and the Alamo in San Antonio.

Art • Joseph Havel

Breaking the mold.

Master Builder

From Fort Worth’s Amon Carter Museum to

Houston’s Pennzoil Place to Dallas’ forthcoming

Cathedral of Hope, architect Philip Johnson’s grand

vision for Texas is set in stone.

Northern Exposure

With Fort Worth’s Michael Auping as a curator and nine of the state’s artists participating, this year’s Whitney Biennial puts a New York spotlight on the art of Texas.

Time of Nic

Sixteen years after rocketing into the Whitney Biennial, Dallas photographer Nic Nicosia is still on the cutting edge.