Michael Hoinski


The Drop Everything List

The Homegrown Music and Arts Festival, Jimmie Vaughan, and the South Texas Heritage Center . . .

The Drop Everything List

Shuttlebration, the Lone Star Uke Fest, and A Tribute to Elvis . . .

The Drop Everything List

Concerto in Eight Courses, Rodney Crowell, and the Texas Blueberry Festival . . .

The Drop Everything List

Roasting an Entire Steer, Fiddlers' Frolics, and the Moontower Comedy and Oddity Fest . . .

Finding Peace and Joy in Austin

How a rare statue in an unassuming temple made the capital city a place to seriously study Buddhism.

The Drop Everything List

The Chicken Fried Steak Festival, George Clooney, and a Tribute to Roy Rogers . . .

The Drop Everything List

The Lone Star Jam, meeting Phil Collins, and the Houston Art Car Parade . . .

The Drop Everything List

Miranda Lambert, the Future Music Summit, Texas Crab Festival, and a songwriting retreat in Marfa . . .

The Drop Everything List

The Round Dance Halls of Texas, Kristin Chenoweth, and the Bathing Beauties Contest . . .

What about Those Dinosaurs in “The Tree of Life”?

One of the most talked-about scenes in Terrence Malick's Oscar-nominated film finally explained.

Harry Ransom Center's Ever-Expanding Archives

The acquisition of the California fiction writer's papers aligns with the center's new mission of "literary-canon formation."

Fightin’ Words: Michael Corcoran v. Terry Sawyer

Another battle for Austin's soul divides a community. 

Baylor Basketball Commits “Major Violations” of NCAA Rules

A recruiting scandal dating back to Brittney Griner's courtship takes the air out of the glorious seasons posted by the women's and men's teams. 

Planned Parenthood Turns Down $500K from Womanizing Author

Why did the cash-strapped organization turn down this hefty donation? Maybe because it was offered by controversial author Tucker Max, who has been called a misogynist—and worse.

Is RG3 the #1 NFL Draft Pick?

Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III attends Jon Gruden's "QB" Camp and talks about the draft, his zany socks, and having his bike stolen.