Michael Hoinski


Fightin’ Words: Michael Corcoran v. Terry Sawyer

Another battle for Austin's soul divides a community. 

Baylor Basketball Commits “Major Violations” of NCAA Rules

A recruiting scandal dating back to Brittney Griner's courtship takes the air out of the glorious seasons posted by the women's and men's teams. 

Planned Parenthood Turns Down $500K from Womanizing Author

Why did the cash-strapped organization turn down this hefty donation? Maybe because it was offered by controversial author Tucker Max, who has been called a misogynist—and worse.

Is RG3 the #1 NFL Draft Pick?

Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III attends Jon Gruden's "QB" Camp and talks about the draft, his zany socks, and having his bike stolen. 

The Drop Everything List

The Memorial Hermann Ironman 70.3 Texas triathlon, Trenton Doyle Hancock, and the Avocado Takedown . . .

The Drop Everything List

The Sulphur Creek Iron Chef Cook's Challenge, Spoon, the Aurora Picture Show, and Battle on the Bernard. . .

The Drop Everything List

Carol Burnett, Texas State Gospel Singing Convention, the Runaway Scrape and the Kemah Crawfish Festival. . .

The Drop Everything List

The Art of Recycling, an interview with Darrell K Royal, Texas Onion Fest, and the LBJ 100 Bicycle Tour . . .

The Closest Thing to a Facebook "Dislike" Button

Dean Terry of the University of Texas at Dallas has invented "EnemyGraph," a new Facebook app for things you hate.

Is ‘GCB’ Anti-Christian?

The new television show, which satirizes church-going Dallas socialites, draws ire from Newt Gingrich and a score of others. 

“On Death Row” Documents Texas Prisoners

The German auteur Werner Herzog interviews prisoners on death row in Texas and Florida for his gripping new television series. 

Film Based on UH Professor’s Memoir Hits Big Screen

Robert De Niro stars in "Being Flynn," a new movie about the life of Nick Flynn, a part-time U of H writing teacher.

Mark Cuban Asks, Am I a Homophobe?

The Mavericks' owner insinuates that Bill Simmons, ESPN's Sports Guy, is gay.

Steve Bridges, the George W. Bush Impersonator, Dies

The impersonator who made a name for himself perfecting the mannerisms of the president, died at his home in Los Angeles of what appears to be natural causes.

Soldiers Line Up at Food Pantry

For some military families at Fort Hood, there isn't enough money to make ends meet.