Michael Hoinski


Sweet Symphony

How two rare Stradivarius violins at the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra brought Michael Shih and Swang Lin, who both grew up in Taiwan, together.

Own Stars: What Are Your Favorite Texas Celebs Up To?

Mariah carey punches leann rimes

Own Stars: Walker, Texas Ranger Endorses Newt and Other Celeb News

Woody Harrelson wishes he was Jerry Maguire, a Kristofferson enters the wrestling ring, and Larry McMurtry's book criticism gets criticized. 

Own Stars: Wes Anderson’s New Trailer and Other Texas Celeb News

Wes Anderson released the trailer for Moonrise Kingdom, Yao Ming saves pandas, and Vanilla Ice renovates more than his career.  

Louis Vuitton Knocks Off San Antonio Flea Market

A federal court ordered Eisenhauer Market, where vendors sold fake LV bags, to pay the high-fashion company $3.6 million for trademark infringement. 

Own Stars: What Are Your Favorite Texas Celebs Up To?

Dennis Quaid moves back to Texas, LeAnn Rimes's mom keeps her from baring it all, and Larry Hagman wants to be a plant. 

Own Stars: What Are Your Favorite Texas Celebs Up To?

Dennis Rodman starts a topless women's basketball team, Jamie Foxx fights another scandal, and Deion Sanders gets a dose of "real talk." 

The Drop Everything List

Sara Hickman, Carolyn Wonderland and Guy Forsyth, a TubaMeisters Christmas, and the von Trapp family sings . . .

The Drop Everything List

Willie Nelson and Friends, Cowgirl Round-up and Showdeo, Black Eyed Pea and Cornbread Cookoff, and a New Year's Eve show in Emo's new digs . . .

The Drop Everything List

Ruby Jane Smith, Return of the Herd of Harpsichords, Sarah Jarosz, and the Texas A&M Singing Cadets . . .

The Drop Everything List

Spindletop turns 100, Shawn Colvin performs with Lyle Lovett, the MLK, Jr. Symposium, and a Rick Riordan exhibition at the Witliff Collections . . .

The Drop Everything List

Erykah Badu and the Cannabinoids, Four Funny Females, Clint Black, and Amtrak's Fortieth Anniversary . . .

Own Stars: What Are Your Favorite Texas Celebs Up To?

Drew Brees learns how to get to Sesame Street, Candy Spelling hoards Beanie Babies, and Sandra Bullock smuggles sausage. 

Should U of H Professors Worry About Giving James Franco a Bad Grade?

A former professor at NYU claims he lost his job after giving the actor a "D" for skipping nearly every class. 

OWN STARS: What Are Your Favorite Texas Celebs Up To?

Khloe Kardashian moves to Texas, haters hate on Matthew McConaughey, and Dr. Phil snips himself.