Michael Hoinski


Louis Vuitton Knocks Off San Antonio Flea Market

A federal court ordered Eisenhauer Market, where vendors sold fake LV bags, to pay the high-fashion company $3.6 million for trademark infringement. 

Own Stars: Wes Anderson’s New Trailer and Other Texas Celeb News

Wes Anderson released the trailer for Moonrise Kingdom, Yao Ming saves pandas, and Vanilla Ice renovates more than his career.  

Own Stars: Walker, Texas Ranger Endorses Newt and Other Celeb News

Woody Harrelson wishes he was Jerry Maguire, a Kristofferson enters the wrestling ring, and Larry McMurtry’s book criticism gets criticized. 

Own Stars: What Are Your Favorite Texas Celebs Up To?

Mariah carey punches leann rimes

The Drop Everything List

LeAnn Rimes in Fort Worth, the Animal Architecture Awards, the first big Andy Warhol exhibition in Texas, and Johnny Winter in Dallas …

The Drop Everything List

Kelly Clarkson in San Antonio, disco-dancing for a cause, Carnaval Brasileiro, and Anthony Bourdain in Austin …

The Drop Everything List

Mardi Gras in Port Arthur, the watercolors of Charles Russell, the Winedale Quilt Show, and the couture of Jean Paul Gaultier in Dallas …

Sweet Symphony

How two rare Stradivarius violins at the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra brought Michael Shih and Swang Lin, who both grew up in Taiwan, together.

The Drop Everything List

Ruthie Foster in Houston, Don Hertzfeldt’s short films, the Texas Yoga Conference, and National Anthem Auditions in Grand Praire …

The Drop Everything List

The Livestock Show and Rodeo in Houston, dancing to Nina Simone, a forum with chef Alice Waters, and a Texas Cowboy Poetry gathering in Alpine …

Own Stars: Eva Longoria Criticizes Mitt Romney and Other Celeb News

Eva Longoria tells Mitt Romney to dream on, Glenn Beck spreads the gospel of Ben Breedlove, and Richard Garriott documents his space travels.

Woody Harrelson Gets Stoned in Interview

To promote his new movie, Rampart, the Midland-native decided to open himself up to an online chat on Reddit, but it didn’t go the way he planned.

Tiger Teaches Tony Some Lessons

Could a weekend of golf with Tiger Woods set the Cowboys QB on the path to a Super Bowl?

Shiner Hops Forward with Wild Hare

Spoetzl Brewery’s first Pale Ale debuts with a curious ad campaign.

“Friday Night Lights” Kicks Off Again

A possible fourth iteration of Friday Night Lights would focus on “Mad Pirate” Mike Leach.