Mike Shea


Southern Life

Mike Shea on the new Terry Southern bio.

West Meets East

In Sarah Bird’s finest novel to date, she goes halfway around the world for down-home inspiration.

Two for Tee

Mike Shea links Bud Shrake and Dan Jenkins.

The Plot Sickens

Sandra Brown’s latest novel-and her umpteenth best-seller-is called Envy. Funny, that’s the last feeling I get when I read her work.


When Matt Clark succumbed to cancer in 1998, the young writer left behind an inventive unpublished novel called Hook Man Speaks. Then his friends stepped in-and brought the book back from the dead.

The Buzz

Kathy Hepinstall is one of four underappreciated Texas writers you should be reading this summer.

Days of Their Lives

Novels about college classmates reconnecting and rekindling at reunion time are nothing new, but Tim O’Brien’s July, July succeeds with honors.

Who's Next?

San Antonio’s Marshevet Hooker is not just any old high school sprinter; she’s an Olympic gold medalist in the making. Meet her and nine other women we’re betting will lead the new Texas—and the world.

Killing Time

Stephen Graham Jones’s All the Beautiful Sinners is a wild-eyed thriller; Amanda Eyre Ward’s Sleep Toward Heaven is a tale of grief, forgiveness, and the death penalty.