Nora Varty


A Q&A With Robert Bryce

An interview with Robert Bryce, author of Pipe Dreams: Greed, Ego, and the Death of Enron

A Q&A With Amy Fusselman

An interview with Amy Fusselman, author of The Pharmacist’s Mate

A Q&A With Keith Graves

An interview with Keith Graves, author of Loretta: Ace Pinky Scout

A Q&A With James Hoggard

An interview with James Hoggard, author of Patterns of Illusion: Stories and a Novella

A Q&A With Anne Wilkes Tucker

Not too long ago the photography collection at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston was nonexistent. But thanks to curator Anne Wilkes Tucker, it is now considered one of America’s best. Here, she discusses her career, photography and being a woman in the field.

Books That Cook

The Contemporary Cowboy Cookbook: Recipes From the Wild West to Wall Street

Angela Shelf Medearis

An Austin children’s book author stands up for herself (and African American girls everywhere).

Boy on the Bus

Executive editor S.C. Gwynne talks about life on the campaign trail with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tony Sanchez.

State Fairness

Senior Texas Monthly editor Michael Hall tells the story behind his article, “Death Isn’t Fair.”

A Q&A With Joyce King

An interview with Joyce King, author of Hate Crime: The Story of a Dragging in Jasper, Texas.

A Q&A With Harry Knowles

An interview with Harry Knowles, author of Ain’t It Cool? Hollywood’s Redheaded Stepchild Speaks Out

A Q&A With Diana López

An interview with Diana López, author of Sofia’s Saints.

A Q&A With Wyman Meinzer

An interview with Wyman Meinzer, author of Canyons of the Texas High Plains and Texas Rivers.

A Q&A With Tim O’Brien

An interview with Tim O’Brien, author of July, July.

A Q&A With Rick Bayless

An interview with Rick Bayless, author of Mexico: One Plate at a Time.