Patricia Hart – DUPE


State Secrets

Food for thought: agriculture commissioner Jim Hightower may get plowed under; Coastal tries to cut the golden parachute; calling all cars in El Paso.

The Best and the Worst Legislators

We just rate them. You voted for them.

State Secrets

The right angle for striking oil; making book on the Bush library; a roving eye for GOP money; reining in rogue cops.

The Best and the Worst Legislators 1991

We bring you the heroes and the villains of the Capitol circus. Guess which list had more contenders?

The Best and Worst Legislators 1993

Our biennial boosting and bashing of the state’s most beguiling politicians.

The Best and the Worst Legislators 1995

From the respected to the rascally, our regular roundup of the session’s most renowned pols.

The Best Worst Legislators 1997

From Bush’s good try on property taxes to Bullock’s grand finale, from savvy Sadler to weaselly Wohlgemuth, from Duncan’s beginning to Howard’s end: Our sorting of the session’s standouts—best, worst, and in between.

The Capitol Gang

The power brokers at this year’s legislative session aren’t elected officials. They’re lobbyists—and we know which ones have the most clout.

Boom Doom

How exceptionally good economic times are coming back to haunt us.

Not So Great in ‘78

How his one and only loss shaped his view of politics.

The Best and the Worst Legislators 1999

Naughty Nixon and wonderful Wolens, soapy Shapiro and revered Ratliff, and of course, a certain governor who’s ready for his close-up: Our say-so on the session’s standouts—good, bad, and in-between.

Let There Be Lite

Forgive state senators like David Sibley and Bill Ratliff their jockeying to succeed Lieutenant Governor Rick Perry. They want to be number two; they have to try harder.

Out Man In

UT regents want their next chancellor to be an academic? Whatever. At Texas Tech, a politician is the one in charge, and he’s more than making the grade.

George W. Es Muy Bueno

The selling of George W.—in Spanish.