Patricia Hart – DUPE


Mr. Happy Man Goes to Washington

Ron Kirk may be this year’s most jovial political candidate, but his bid for the U.S. Senate is as much about race as personality. He knows it. His fellow Democrats know it. And you’d better believe the Republicans know it.

Right Makes Might

After a conservative think tank used its clout to help scuttle a science textbook, some Republicans declared victory. The rest declared war.

The Craddickal Right

Tom Craddick of Midland wants to be the first Republican Speaker of the House in Texas since 1873. He may already have the votes, but his critics are questioning his tactics.

Party Poopers II

Ronald Reagan once commanded, “Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican.” So why has the state GOP declared war on itself over resdistricting?

Minority Report

As Democrats and Republicans prepare for the hand-to-hand combat of 2002, African American and Hispanic candidates are finally on the front lines.

Lena Guerrero

Brain cancer has put life and politics in perspective for Lena Guerrero.

Session Player

A diary of San Antonio Democrat Leticia Van de Putte’s first session as a state senator.

The Best and the Worst Legislators

Rodney Ellis was excellent. Gary Elkins was— well, significantly less so. Bill Ratliff was a model of dignified leadership. Domingo Garcia was a one-man leper colony. Our biennial roundup of the Legislature’s leading lights and dim bulbs.

Party Poopers

Two powerful Republicans are in charge of redistricting this session, but that doesn’t mean they’re out to get the Democrats.

Imperfect 10

The top 10 percent rule was supposed to solve the admissions problems at Texas’ public universities, but it isn’t making the grade.

Power Politics

What Texas should learn from the California energy mess.

Bill Passes

How Bill Ratliff became lieutenant governor—and what it means for Texas.

Premium Issue

Teachers without insurance.

Numbers Game

Inside the election’s numbers.

Cell Block

Three ways to fix the prison system.