Patricia Kilday Hart


Getting Serious

Behind the humor of Ann Richards' Democratic keynote address lay the calculation of an ambitious politician.

25 Stories About Bob Bullock

He’s gone but not forgotten——particularly now, when leadership is in such short supply. Friends and
colleagues recall why the late lieutenant governor was one of a kind.

It's Rick Perry's Party Now

Sophisticated, likable politician? Arrogant, not-ready- for-prime-time player? Rick Perry is both—as well as the presumptive next governor of Texas.

His Fantastic Four

Meet the superheroes of George W. Bush’s campaign for the presidency: a quartet of brainy advisers who are helping him to refine and sell his ideas on the economy, foreign policy, and the like.

Don’t Call Him Junior

George W. Bush wants to be governor of Texas. He says he’s not following in his father’s footsteps, but his name, his career, and his ideas about politics seem an awful lot like Dad’s.