Patricia McConnico


War Zone

Editorial director Christopher Keyes talks about this month’s special issue on the Iraq war.

Books That Cook

A review of Simply Serving: Recipes From the Heart of Texas.

Game Highlights

Editor Evan Smith talks about watching the Rose Bowl, text-messaging University of Texas athletics director DeLoss Dodds, and putting Vince Young on the cover.

Murder, She Wrote

Senior editor Pamela Colloff on researching a 45-year-old murder case, tracking down sources, and using a ghost story to show how the crime still haunts Odessa.

Mr. Not-So-Nice Guy

Executive editor Skip Hollandsworth on his most difficult interview, actor Tommy Lee Jones

Eating Out

Senior editor Patricia Sharpe on the state’s top restaurants.

Home, Sweet Home

Senior editor Gary Cartwright on Austin and what he likes best about the liberal city he calls home.

Welcome to the Dome

Associate editor John Spong talks about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, its survivors living in the Astrodome, and new beginnings.

Made in China

Brook Larmer, Newsweek’s Shanghai bureau chief and the author of Operation Yao Ming, on basketball sensation Yao Ming, sports in China, and writing his first book.

Books That Cook

A review of The Low-Fat, Low-Carb Southwest Cookbook.

Split Personality

Executive editor S. C. Gwynne, who wrote this month’s cover story, talks about Speaker of the House Tom Craddick, his seemingly average-guy life in Midland, and his powerful persona in Austin.

Eating Around

Senior editor Patricia Sharpe on how she picked this year’s best new restaurants.

Sleeping Around

Writer-at-large Suzy Banks on what she likes best about
staying in a hotel.

Mrs. Feelgood

Executive editor Skip Hollandsworth on getting
Burleson’s Joanne Webb to talk about her sex-toy business.

Love Thy Neighbor

Writer-at-large Cecilia Balli on U.S. ambassador to
Mexico Tony Garza and the two countries’ post-9/11 relationship.