Peter Applebome


Free Enterprise U.

Let’s hear it for Dallas’ Northwood Institute, where entrepreneurialism is second only to high society fundraising.

The Chips Are Down

The real Texas technology picture is much more intricate than either the mad hype of two years ago or the dire headlines of today make it out to be.

The Texas Six-Pack

The six freshman Republican congressmen from Texas are young, angry, and energetic. The only question is, can they be effective too?

The Best of Texas

We’ve gone from one end of the state to the other to bring you the best-ever list of Texas Bests.

Between Two Worlds

Jay Hamon spent much of his life caught between the Dallas society world of his parents and the world of the black woman with whom he fell in love. He dies without ever resolving his dilemma.

Excuse Me, But Where Can a Free-Enterpriser Get a Drink in This Town

Where to find a life-size statue of businessmen shaking hands, the best right-wing burgers, and other landmarks of Republican life.

Little D

No one will ever hold a political convention in Dallas, Scotland. And that’s only one of the things that make it great.

Texas Primer: The Resistol Hat

Whether it’s made of straw or ermine, this is the cowboy hat.

Perfect Texas

There’s no point in grousing about Texas’ minor shortcomings. Why not just roll up our sleeves and make it perfect once and for all?


Texas: land of contrast. That’s why we have double-barreled businesses like a feedstore cum twirling school or a combo junkyard-wildlife preserve.