Peter Elkind


Poetic Justice

A Dallas lawyer is urging his colleagues to put rhyme and reason back into legal writing—by using plain old English.

The Bucks Stop Here

The troubled Parks and Wildlife Department is supposed to protect the state’s natural resources. Instead, it protects its friends and, above all, itself.

That Brainpower Guy

Incarnate Word was an obscure Catholic school before Lou Agnese launched his multimillion-dollar ad campaign. Now the college is booming, and Agnese is a local star.

Rock Bottom

A series of terrible decisions and bad breaks ruined Gibraltar Savings. Is rescuing it another mistake?

The Wooing of Chairman Wang

The decision by a Chinese plastics company to build a billion-dollar plant in Texas proves that economic development works—but it comes at a high price.

Can Ross Perot Save America?

One day in 1962 Ross Perot read Thoreau’s insight that the “mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” The country hasn’t been the same since.


Now that he’s got it, what does Ross Perot plan to do with it?

Cities in Bondage

When eighty-year-old Decker Jackson gives financial advice to Texas public officials, nothing in life is certain but debt and taxes.

Texas Monthly Reporter

The citizens of Muleshoe lose their only hospital, thanks to a California chain; the citizens of Houston learn the value of caution, thanks to a local developer; the citizens of the world get a chance to improve their potency, thanks to the Aggies.

Why Inman Left

The departure of MCC’s chief signals a new beginning for the company—and an end to Austin’s high-tech boom.

Going For Broke

In boom times, John Connally and Ben Barnes used their political magic to build a sprawling real estate empire. Now they’re in a desperate struggle to keep themselves afloat.

The Quest That Fizzled

Everyone agreed it was time for greatness at UT. But after a nationwide search for a new president, the only man the regents could agree on was a campus insider who professed no great vision at all.

UT Versus A&M

They’re the oldest foes and the biggest rivals. Now the contest has moved into the arena that really counts—the classroom.

UT Versus the Superstars

Texas universities take their knocks and learn their lessons from the best in the country.