Prudence Mackintosh

Prudence Mackintosh is one of a circle of writers closely associated with Texas Monthly. A contributing editor from the magazine’s inception, in 1973, Prudence’s work has continued to appear in its pages for four decades. She gained a loyal following through the years with her observations on social rites of passage for Texas women and her essays on the rearing of three boys. In 1976 she received a Penney-Missouri Award for excellence in lifestyle journalism. Her work has appeared in several national magazines and is frequently anthologized in college writing texts. She is the author of four books: Thundering Sneakers, Retreads, Sneaking Out, and Just As We Were. She co-authored Great American Suburbs: The Homes of the Park Cities. Born in Texarkana, Prudence grew up in the newspaper office of the Texarkana Gazette & Daily News, where her father was the editor and her mother, a reporter, proofreader, and women’s editor. Her older brother became a television journalist. She attended Texarkana public schools and graduated from the University of Texas in 1966. Prudence continues to live in Dallas with her attorney husband. Their three grown sons now live in New York, Los Angeles, and Austin. Each spring semester she and her husband decamp to Austin, where she teaches a nonfiction writing class for Liberal Arts Honors students at UT. She continues to write for Texas Monthly sporadically as a writer-at-large.


The Good Old Girls

At the National Women’s Conference, the feminists changed their sandals for pumps and embraced mainstream America.

The Good Old Girls

At the National Women’s Conference, the feminists changed their sandals for pumps and embraced mainstream America.

Help Wanted

Women need maids, maids, and maids … well, they could use a little help, too.

Masculine/ Feminine

Renewing the old adage of child rearing—you can’t fool mother nature.

Birth of a Notion

It’s called competitive childbirth, but no gold medals are awarded for it.

It’s Better to Receive

A child’s feelings about Christmas can pretty well be summed up in one word: loot.

Something Happened

Why kids don’t grow up the way you want them to.

Sisterhood is Powerful

Especially for sorority sisters.

Drive, They Said

A mother is many things to her children, but mostly she’s a chauffer.

Food For Thought

The savage trials of eating with civilized children.

Rag Time

Can fashion survive the stork?

Every Good Boy Does Fine

Kids should learn early that music is the staff of life.

Tube or Not Tube?

What is happening to your children, sitting in front of the TV?

Pop Art

Bringing up father is harder these days than it used to be.

The Greatest Experience of Your Life

Climbing the social ladder, and other exercises at Hill Country summer camps.